5 reasons

Oct. 27, 2017

  1. Lower insurance rates. Most folks don’t even know this but insurance companies base your insurance cost/rates by the type of vehicle you own. For instance a 2015 Lexus will have a higher insurance cost than a 2005 Lexus because it’s an older vehicle model and parts for it will most likely cost a little less.
  2. Vehicles last much longer now.A car is considered “USED” if it has been registered. So someone could have literally driven it for a couple months, sold it and at that point the vehicle would have already been considered “used”. Cars are so incredibly designed these days that their life span is much greater than before. Always keep the mileage in consideration when purchasing a used vehicle but it shouldn’t be your focal point.
  3. Depreciation. This is basically when a car loses its value yearly because of the new models that are released each year. There are a few exceptions but it’s something that effects most vehicle makes and models. You can buy the same 2015 BMW thousands cheaper the following year simply because a new vehicle model has been released. They say that a car can lose up to 50% of its value within 3 years of rolling of the lot. Yay for us!
  4. Hurray for CARFAX! If you haven’t heard of Carfax then.. Well, where are you from??? This is the tool that will tell you all your vehicles history and you can base your decision of that. Thanks to Carfax buyers can be confident that they’re not being tricked into any funny business.
  5. Easy Financing! There are thousands of banks that used car dealers work with which allows people with ALL TYPES OF CREDIT to get approved for financing. People with great credit can get approved for ZERO DOWN and APR as low as 2%! And that is pretty crazy!